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Planet Holiday Media is a bespoke Chinese media company based in Shanghai, China, with offices in Hong Kong and Brisbane targeting outbound and aspirational Chinese tourists.

We place travel, tourism, and leisure related media content from around the world onto the massively popular Digital Media and Social Media platforms across China under our brand, Planet Holiday.

Our target audiences, followers and users are Chinese outbound tourists, or those planning to travel overseas, or are aspirational to travel or vacation overseas.

Tourism organisations, tourism destinations and tourism or travel operators internationally who wish to attract Chinese Tourists can place their promotional videos, articles, photographs, and blogs onto Planet Holiday in China as a highly targeted and effective one-stop-shop to get their message to the China outbound tourism and travel market.

Our Planet Holiday team custom-designs a Media and Promotions Package for you and implements proven strategies to maximise your access to the Chinese market.

In the month of January 2019, Planet Holiday’s tourism and travel content was viewed, followed, and read by over 7.5 million travel savvy people across our participating Digital and Social Media platforms in China.

Our Team and
How Planet Holiday Works

Planet Holiday Media was founded and is headed up by award-winning long-term China media specialist, Doug Fraser as CEO.

Doug was formerly the Managing Director of Seven Network Asia up until and including the Beijing Olympics and then moved across to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation as Head Asia.

The China Team is based in Shanghai and includes Planet Holiday’s China Country Director, Chief Technical Officer, China Executive Director and an international team of content curators, creators, and publishers.

Our Chinese Audiences,
Followers and Fans

Our audiences, followers and fans are interested in overseas travel, are planning to travel overseas or are aspirational for overseas vacation and tourism experiences.

They access our international travel content because they are seeking knowledge, information and entertainment about overseas travel and tourism.

In China, audiences prefer to access their travel content via their mobile phones, iPads, Smart TVs or notebook computers.

Through our Planet Holiday Digital and Social media platforms, our audiences and followers will watch and experience travel related entertainment and information accessed through their smartphones, iPads, smart TVs and laptop under the Planet Holiday brand.

Our Participating Digital and Social Media Platforms in China

Planet Holiday Media uploads, posts, and publishes video content, articles, photo stories, blogs and user generated content onto the following participating Digital and Social Media platforms in China under the Planet Holiday brand;

Live Streaming

We aim to make Planet Holiday's uploaded and published content from around the world a unique and original experience for our China audiences.

Through using the capabilities of our TV presenters on location, and through our User Generated content resources, Planet Holiday can take your tourist destination, event, or activity Live to China via Wechat and Weibo.

The date and time of the Live video experiences are heavily pre-promoted to our Chinese audiences to build excitement, anticipation, and fascination around the event.

Competitions and Prize Draws

Planet Holiday features regular Competitions and Prize Draws for its audiences, followers and fans.

The Prizes are supplied by our clients when the sign up for a Planet Holiday Media and Promotional Package.

The prizes can range from travel accessories and fashion, restaurant dinners, Hotel and Resort stays, Theme Park and Special Event Entry Tickets to free Airfares and Holiday Packages.

How to Get Your Tourism or Travel Message on Planet Holiday in China

The Planet Holiday team have extensive in-market knowledge and proven strategies to maximise the audience reach of our Media and Promotional campaigns. We make use of travel videos, travel articles, photo stories, and blogs in micro form viral blasts, short form informational and entertainment content, live streamed content, prize draws and competitions.

Planet Holiday will work directly with you and your marketing team to create a custom designed Media and Promotion Package making use of your existing content, re-versioning your existing content for specific digital and social media platforms in Mandarin language, and creating new, entertaining and informational content specifically for our China Digital and Social Media Platforms.

Our Packages are designed to meet your budget needs, branding needs, and product promotion needs.

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Being Creative,

Being Original,

Being Outside the Square

That’s Planet Holiday Media China!

Contact us and we’ll create and design your media and promotional passport to Chinese tourists and travellers.